Nicoka ATS
The best recruiting solution, marke hiring easier

Nicoka ATS is a powerful Applicant Tracking System and Resume Management System. Simple, intuitive and collaborative.

Your Recruiting Process is now your Game

From sourcing candidates to hiring, Nicoka ATS software provides intuitive tools to streamline your recruiting process.

Not too big. Not too small. It's your Size

How to be efficient synchronized and react quickly in a constantly changing world full of information sources (social networks, reference sites, emails ... )?
Use Nicoka ATS to centralize and organize the management of your recruitments, candidates, prospects, clients, missions or jobs. Prioritize and initiate the necessary actions for important topics. Stay up to date on what surrounds you..

  • Simple, powerful and easy to use
  • Management of Resumes, multi-channel integration
  • Recruitment Process Management
  • Customizing fields, tables, and tabs
  • Make your own reports
  • No training required, operational in minutes

The only software you need.

Nicoka ATS is designed to make your life easier.

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