Applicant Tracking

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Application Management

Managing applications is often a tedious process. But it is inevitable. Nicoka has set up a simple interface allowing you to manage this task flexibly and fastly. Indeed, thanks to our solution, you can establish your steps, their number and the different transitions.

Resume Analysis

When you import a resume into Nicoka, its content is analyzed to find the name, first name, date of birth, address and the different phone numbers of the candidate. Simply drag and drop Resumes into the application and let Nicoka do the rest.

Automatic parsing
Mass Actions

Nicoka allows you to perform actions on a list of candidates, such as sending an invitation for an interview, sending an e-mail to all unsuccessful candidates, moving the candidates to the next step of your process...

Mass Mailing
Agenda & Interviews

Nicoka ATS allows you to plan your individual or group interviews, send invitations to your candidates. Your personal calendar will be updated and you can find all your events in the Nicoka agenda.

Plan Interviews
Main Features
Manage all candidate information
Mass Mailing
Drag & Drop Resume
Automatic Resume Parsing
Customizable Recruitment Process
Track all exchanges

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