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Nicoka integrates a list of standard reports that we have already configured for you. With the reporting module, in just a few clicks, you can create your own. They will be automatically added to your report library.


Have you always dreamed of having your own reports? Nicoka allows you to filter, group, and sort all of the candidates and jobs data.

Custom Reporting

Nicoka contains about twenty reports. You just have to choose the ones that fit the needs of your business. Your data is stored, carefully compiled and ready for use. What do you need ?
Sourcing analysis, recruitment history, advancement, follow-up interviews ...

Export Data

Whether you use the standard report library or your own reports, all the data contained in Nicoka can be exported to Excel, PDF and CSV. And, with one click.

Main Features
Customizable Layout
Consolidate different types of information
Controlling Access
Export your data

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Features Summary

Everything you need to know about Nicoka


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