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A rich and easily accessible Resume library

Nicoka allows you to manage all the data of your candidates such as their contact details, their position, their level of remuneration, their course or their skills. Other parameters and fields can be added instantly if necessary. All these data are then accessible via the search engine.


Nicoka allows you to save the path of your candidates. By using our chrome "plugin" you can import this information directly from social networks such as Linkedin or Viadeo.

All these data are accessible through the search engine.

Career and position

Nicoka allows you to list and evaluate the skills and languages spoken by your candidates.

Each participant in your selection process will be able to give his / her evaluation.

Since this is stored in the database, you can keep track of it at any time.

Skills & Spoken Languages
Actions Tracking

All actions (notes, interview report, emails ...) are visible in the candidate's news feed.

All these data are kept in a history accessible at any time, you will no longer be lost.

Candidates Actions
Custom Fields

All standard fields required to manage candidates such as address, phone numbers, current and desired wages, availability, mindset ... are predefined in Nicoka. Each company is unique and has very specific needs. That's why we offer you the opportunity to qualify and instantly add other useful criteria to your management. This way you can add custom fields at any time.

Custom Fields
Main Features
Manage all candidate information
Document Management
Skills tracking & spoken languages
Monitoring of exchanges with candidates
Rich and easily accessible Resume library
Access data securely, regardless of location

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Applicant Tracking

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Missions & Jobs

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